Williams-Clyne Gateway Gallery Exhibit  Opens with the National Corvette Restorers Society Vintage Corvette Showroom October 1, 2017 – April 23, 2018. The Williams-Clyne Gateway Exhibit Gallery announced earlier this summer is now complete and has started receiving visitors.  READ MORE

2nd Chance Auction, Flea Market & Car Corral - April 7, 2018
Now in its 2nd year!  Auction and flea market area dedicated to automotive related tools, parts & automotive collectible items.   A car corral will be available onsite – spring is the perfect time to transition ownership of those classic vehicles!  READ MORE

Cars 4 Critter, Saturday, May 12 at 11 AM - 2:30 PM
This year we are including Exotic and Sport, American Muscle, Customs, and Time Honored Classic vehicles to our Cars 4 Critters show! This show is dedicated to helping homeless animals in Central PA. Grab your family, friends, and pets and join us for a day of magnificent vehicles on the grounds surrounding the AACA Museum.  There will be lots of amazing cars, and delicious food vendors. Spectator admission is $5.  A portion of event proceeds goes directly to support homeless animals. Additional donations will also be accepted and will go directly to Castaway Critters. 

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U.S. Congress Introduces Bill to Prohibit E15 Sales  

DON’T DELAY!   Please contact your member of Congress to request support for HR 1315.  
You may use the following points in your message:

* Ethanol can cause metal corrosion and dissolve certain plastics and rubbers, especially in older vehicles that were not constructed with ethanol-compatible materials.

* HR 1315 would eliminate the unrealistic mandates imposed under the RFS such as requiring refiners to blend 36 billion gallons of biofuels by 2022. 

* HR 1315 would prohibit the sale of E15 gas in order to meet artificial RFS deadlines.  

* HR 1315 would protect older vehicles from the risks posed by E15.

Overview: Legislation (HR 1315) has been introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives to prohibit the sale of E15 (gasoline that is 15% ethanol), capping the amount of ethanol that can be blended into conventional gasoline at 10%.  The bill also eliminates the Renewable Fuel Standard’s (RFS) mandate that requires 15 billion gallons of corn-based ethanol be blended into the U.S. fuel supply each year.  Ethanol, especially in higher concentrations such as E15, can cause damage to older vehicles. 

Submitted by Van Webster, Legislative Representative

The dates for the 2018 Meeting of the Marques show have been set!

Artistry on Wheels:: September 22, 2018 

Artistry in Motion: September 23, 2018 

More information can be found on the MOM website as it becomes available.