Artistry in Motion Motorshow Committee
Susquehanna Valley Vintage Sports Car Club

 Come join us for the 2021 show

September 25, 2021

Artestry on Wheels

M o M


Artistry on Wheels (AoW) is an extension of the popular Meeting of the Marques (MoM) Motorshow.  In 1990, MoM was established as a motor show to display sports and sport touring vehicles, all makes were welcome, but the show did focus on British made vehicles. Over the years the show venue limited a lot of participation from the general public making it mostly a show for the vehicle owners themselves.

In 2012, the Meeting of the Marques Motorshow was given a new look and venue, allowing it to become even more popular among sports car enthusiasts and the general public. The show was merged into the downtown Carlisle, Pennsylvania Harvest of the Arts Festival. This gave lots of room to expand and allow the general public to view all these fine examples of automobile engineering. The Harvest of the Arts has 20,000+ folks who attend for the arts, crafts, and entertainment then get to walk around our sports cars. On the other side of the “coin”, our vehicle owners get to show and discuss with many, many people the highlights of their vehicles.

Another benefit of this metamorphous to the Artistry on Wheels Motorshow is that we have invited student members of the Carlisle Area High School’s Automotive Technology class to assist with our Class judging, thereby including the youth in what is a life time hobby.

The Show classes include British, European, Asian, North American, Motorbike, and a Wildcard class, which encompasses those vehicles that my not fit into the previous categories.