This is the START of our 2016 Calendar; we will probably be adding more as the year goes on, so keep a watch for new events being listed.
Remember to mark your calendar with these dates so you don't miss any of the great times we have planned for you. Also, don't forget that you don't have to be a SVVSCC member to join in the fun, just bring your like for vintage sports cars and drive your 2, 3, 4, or 18 wheel new or old vehicle, you'll be welcome what ever it is. Keep an "eye out" for our impromptu "Sunday Drives", we are sure to have a several of them announced by e-mail over the year !
January 2,   Saturday-          SVVSCC Holiday Party, watch for the e-mail flyer
January 13, Wednesday-      SVVSCC General Meeting, 7:00 PM, Colonial Lounge, Harrisburg.
February 10, Wednesday-   SVVSCC General Meeting, 7:00 PM, Colonial Lounge, Harrisburg.
March 9, Wednesday-          SVVSCC General Meeting, 7:00 PM, Colonial Lounge, Harrisburg.
April 13,   Wednesday-         SVVSCC General Meeting, 7:00 PM, Colonial Lounge, Harrisburg.
May 11, Wednesday-            SVVSCC General Meeting, 7:00 PM, Colonial Lounge, Harrisburg.
May 20 to 22, Fri to Sun.- Carlisle Import & Performance Show, SVVSCC
                     will have a Club Tent; contact Stan Carpenter 645-5450
June 10-12, Fri-Sat-Sun        Grand Ascent Hill Climb and Elegance, Hershey, a recreation of the vintage English type hillclimbs, SVVSCC supplies the Corner Workers, and the Concurs Show at the Hotel contact Charlie Demmy at 717-545-0257
June18, Saturday-                 AACA Museum Car Show (Carnival), Hershey, SVSCC will have a Club tent in the Sports Car Area. Contact Charlie Demmy at717-545-0257
July 15-17, Fri. to Sun.-        Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix, watch vintage sports cars race through the streets, we go as a group, you should book a hotel ASAP, contact Jim Chichi at 717-679-7271
August 7 Sunday-                 SVVSCC FAMILY PICNIC at Fort Hunter Park, Harrisburg, come join us for an old time, down home, family picnic and Wash and Shine Car Show
September 8-10, Thurs-Sat   Watkins Glen Grand Prix Festival, a special event filled with tours, vintage sports cars, we go as a group, you should book a hotel and tour ASAP, contact Jim Chichi at 717-679-7271
September 14, Wednesday-  SVVSCC General Meeting, 7:00 PM, Colonial Lounge, Harrisburg.
September 24-25, Sat/ Sun- MoM (Meeting of the Marques) Festival, A two day event, Day 1 is the traditional MoM Show held in conjunction with the Carlisle "Harvest of the Arts" Show, plus Day 2 is a Run(s) for vintage sports cars, contact Stan Carpenter, Jim Chichi, or Van Webster
October 5-8, Wed-Sat-          AACA Hershey Fall Meet
October 12, Wednesday-      SVVSCC General Meeting, 7:00 PM, Colonial Lounge, Harrisburg.
November 9, Wednesday-    SVVSCC General Meeting, 7:00 PM, Colonial Lounge, Harrisburg.
January 7, 2017, Saturday- SVVSCC Holiday Party
Submitted by Activities Chair, Charlie Demmy

Fall is that time of year that we elect/ reelect those who devote their time to making this a better Club.
This year we have had some new faces step forward, well as some of our incumbents, and take on the duties of running the organization. I can only say that they do this out of love for the group, because contrary to popular belief, the pay is lousy, in fact, except for my incredible salary, the pay is non-existent! I had better explain that, really, I don't get anything either, just in case, one of you out there is upset about where you dues are going!
So for 2016, your Officers are:
President-  Van Webster (dat's me!!!)
V.P -  Charlie Demmy
Treasurer-  Jerry Duiansky
Recording Secretary- Ed Anspach
Your Board of Directors (BoD) are:
BoD-    Eric Wahlberg (3rd year of term)
           Steve Limbert (2nd year of term)
           Adley Eisen    (1st year of term)     
BoD, Past President & Greasy Rag Editor (Chief Cook and Bottle Washer)-  
           Jim Chichi      (14th year, really)
Chair Positions
Activities Chair -Charlie Demmy
Membership Chair -  Anne Demmy
Web Master -Sue Katz
Honestly, the next time you see one of these folks, thank them for their efforts as they are the "Life's Blood" of our Club !

December 2015

2015 was another great year for the hobby and there will certainly be more of that to come in 2016, so pull the belts tight in anticipation of next Spring. Congratulations to those folks who have stepped up to lead the SVVSCC charge into the vast unknown. Their success is a certainty if the rest of us have their backs and are willing to help them beyond just claiming a membership number.
Congrats and a hearty thanks go out to VP Charlie Demmy. He has taken on the Activities Chair, feverishly working on what will become a great 2016 calendar.
We may not have had as many Sunday Drives this year, but it's also not up to just two or three people to make those impromptu events happen. So take a chance, come up with a plan and host one; the worst you might do is put your signature on a great afternoon of fun.

As in the sketch above, the Club (and our antique/vintage/classic car hobby) has an identity but it will always be a work-in-progress...always things to finish, improve and advance our cause. In all truth, the dedicated few carrying the bulk of the tasks is not as effective as many doing just a little. And regarding outreach for growth, it's pretty certain that my sphere of influence doesn't capture all of yours or vice-versa. That's why participation in the club's public activities are so puts us out there with 'them'. But to advance, each one must first commit to start, and if you already have, right now is a great time to renew your commitment to finish the work immediately ahead. So "your mission Jim, should you decide to accept it", and ours collectively, is to not stop until we know that our cars and this hobby are in the safe hands of the generations that follow behind us. As we 'boomers are all on the clock toward eternity, one look at the small number of younger people currently involved in our vintage sports car arena tells us that the segment is in trouble...and it shouldn't be left to chance that it will fix itself.
If you question the rationale behind Meeting of the Marques leaving the Allenberry Resort's very private confines after 2008, the exact reasons were just stated above. If you are still mad at me for taking MoM out of Allenberry, it's about time that you got over it as there isn't a plan to go back...I would much rather have you moving forward with me. After three years in Carlisle with HOT Arts there's sufficient proof that we have a great public venue, just check out what others have been saying about it.
So with excuses removed, it's the job of everyone who receives this newsletter to participate and promote to the very best of your abilities...Your Club, Your Events, Your Mid-Atlantic Region, Your Hobby...they are all Unfinished Business!
Spokes & Lug Notes
MoM 2016: Save the Dates - September 24 & 25 in and around Carlisle, PA
Yes, the Motorshow just might happen to fall on the same Saturday as 'MG's on the Rocks' and that's OK with me. I know there are enough vehicles out there to support both events. So please be help your hobby that day.
2015 MoM Winners in Review: This month's Class - British Invasion (pre-1962), sponsored by Morgan Cars Mid-Atlantic.

Carlisle Events Holiday Special - Save $$$:Their annual Holiday Sale starts on Black Friday and runs through December 31. This offer includes 20% off the already discounted Gate-N-Gate pre-registration prices for each showfield car you register. You can also pick up a 2016 Season Pass at the discounted price of just $59.95 as an AACA member. That's a 20% savings off the standard rate of $79.95 as their way of saying 'thanks for your support'. German cars will be the Import & Performance Nationals feature in 2016. Don't forget that they are also a top-tier Platinum Sponsor and strong supporter of our Meeting of the Marques Festival! See their website for details.
Watkins Glen U.S. Vintage Grand Prix Tickets: September might seem like a long way off but the event's spectator tickets are on advance sale for an undefined period of time.
         Weekend / Sunday Only

Advance $50 / $35
Pre Event $60 / $40
Event $70 / $50

"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant." -
                                                                Robert Louis Stevenson
Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to you all!
                                                              - Stan Carpenter

A demographic shift looms: Some 76 million baby boomers will soon reach retirement age, crushing the health-care system and the social safety net with their massive numbers. But we have a greater concern: Who's going to buy all their cars? "I think that boomers are taking a more practical approach to baggage. We want to lighten our loads sooner," says Charlie Kuhn, a 52-year old collector from the Chicago area. "Guys not much older than me are selling because their kids aren't interested. I'm already thinking about downsizing." The best estimates we have at the Hagerty Group, which sells classic-car insurance, put the number of collector cars in the U.S. at roughly 5 million, of which 58 percent are owned by baby boomers, or those born from 1946 to 1964. Our data says that the median age of collector-car owners is 56 years. The oldest boomers are approaching 70, and their interest in the hobby is starting to wane. We won't see a generation of similar size until the so-called millennials hit their peak earning years in a few decades. It's questionable whether they will care about cars of their grandfathers and great-grandfathers- or any cars, for that matter.
Confusing the issue further is the fact that the collector-car market is surging right now. Last July, a 1954 Mercedes W196 racer crossed the block for $29.6 million, smashing the old record for a price at auction by more than $13 million. Then in august, a 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4S NART Spyder took in $27.5 million, the highest price ever for a road car. However, for all those blue-blood auction results, and some hot niches within the hobby as a whole, there are far more examples of mundane Detroit iron sitting in garages of graybeards. A vast majority of collector cars in the U.S. are, predictably, American- some 80 percent, according to Hagerty data. It's this backbone of the hobby that is likely in trouble. We at Hagerty maintain a stock-market style index for various sectors of the classic-car market. The one for 1950's American classics is precisely where it was in January 2010,indicating that demand for formerly blue chippers, such as the 1955-57 Chevrolet Bel Air, has likely peaked. Even the '55-57 Thunderbird two-seaters- once considered the bluest of blue-chips are struggling. "They're astonishingly cheap now," says Bob Lichty, a Canton Ohio, dealer who's been part of the classic-car industry for about 40 years. "The guys who wanted them new are starting to age out of the hobby. A 60's "Bullet Bird" convertible is easier to move now." As we speculate about how the collector-car market might change the next two decades, it's helpful to consider some history. Car collecting traces its roots to the Great Depression, which extinguished grand American marques, such as Auburn, Cord, and Duesenberg and ended the ear of bespoke coachbuilding. Having saved western civilization during World War II, members of the Greatest Generation turned to saving America's prewar automotive heritage. They realized with startling foresight that the "classic car", as it became known, represented bygone automotive craftsmanship. They collected, preserved, and restored these cars and started clubs such as the Classic Car Club of America and the Antique Automobile Club of America. On the whole, the World War II generation was a good steward of the hobby it created, collecting the aspirational cars of its youth in a pattern that collectors have followed ever since.
And so it went until the early 1970's, when the collector-car auction business began. Prices for prewar cars rose steadily until the late 1990's when they hit the wall, in part because of oversupply. As the Greatest Generation aged, they scaled back by selling off collections. And as more collectors begin to die, the market for prewar cars dried up. The stagnant prices of '50s American cars hint that history may be repeating itself.

Thanks to the September 2015 OWNER"S MANUAL newsletter
of the Venice Florida Region, AACA
Submitted by Van Webster

                                                      by Kathy Armstrong

As I'm writing this on the 1st of December I was reminded of "Rabbit, Rabbit" the old British superstition that was said in the first day of the month.  The most common modern version states that upon waking on the first day of each month if you state it, or variations thereof, you will receive good luck for the duration of that month.  The exact origin of the superstition is unknown though it has appeared in print at least as early as 1922.  So, on this 1st day of December I said Rabbit, Rabbit and am wishing our new Officers and Board good luck and congratulations for 2016.

     NOW I LAY ME DOWN TO SLEEP... well, sort of.  It's that time of year when our "babies" had to get prepped for their long winter naps.  Maintenance is done and they are hibernating for now.  It is kind of sad when we go out to the garage for some item and see them just sitting there in all their glory but we do not take them out in rain or snow.  I'm sure Santa will reward us in some kind way for treating our Mustangs so kindly -- maybe he'll leave them some hay in their stockings.

     SPEAKING OF STOCKINGS I would love to receive one of the new Ford GT models in mine.  If you haven't seen it yet check out the article in the January 2016 issue of AUTOMOBILE, in addition to a few other great pieces.

     BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS.  My favorite gift is a book or a gift certificate for books and is always the first response when I'm asked what I would like for a gift, be it Christmas or birthday.  You can never have too many books.  I picked up a copy of Glenn Beck's THE IMMORTAL NICHOLAS and I'm very anxious to start this novel for adults that that is full of drama, history, legend and heart and has been highly praised by other authors.  After all, you never outgrow believing in Santa.
     Another book that I would like to share with you is PIONEERS, ENGINEERS, and SCOUNDRELS: The Dawn of the Automobile in America written by Beverly Rae Kimes.  I believe it was her last book before she died.  I had the pleasure of meeting her on a couple of occasions and she was a friend of members Bill and Rosemary Jackson.  I can think of nobody living or deceased that exhibited more knowledge of the automobile than Beverly.  This book covers how the automobile literally changed the face of the earth, the vast and varied "cast of characters" from the famous like Ford, Dodge, Buick and others, to the infamous and the unknown.  This book truly brings the early years of the auto industry to life and is a book I will reread one day.

 By now you should have received the flyer about the holiday party on January 2nd so while you're thinking about it make your reservation so it doesn't get lost in the bustle of the holidays.  Looking forward to seeing all of you there.

HAVE A MERRY and HAVE A HAPPY.  See ya down the road.

2016 SVVSCC Runs, Events and Meetings

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Officers, Board of Directors and Chair Positions

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January 13, 2016

Colonial Lounge
580 North Mountain Road
Harrisburg, PA 17112
Come and join us for Dinner at 6 pm
Our Meeting starts at 7 pm